I’m a part of Studio Gear’s Blogger Program!






Good news everyone!


I’m a Studio Gear Blogger! This means great things for you! I’ll be posting a blog review soon about their products. Also, I have a 10% off code. This is for you to use whenever you want!

It is:


Use this code on http://www.studiogearcosmetics.com

I can’t wait to be working with this company! It’s an amazing company!


December Goals




I can’t believe it’s the 3rd day of December already! Where has the time gone?

Today, I will be sharing my December goals.

1. To get back on track with weight loss. I’ve been slacking off a lot lately. It’s not good at all.

2. To start looking for jobs. I am graduating on December 13th and I need to start working on getting a job with my degree.

3. To start working on my weight training and cardio fitness more. I really would like to get back on track with this. I want to get back to where I was a couple of summers ago.

4. To start running more.I really hate running. But I see how good of shape you can get into with running. So I’m going to do it.

5. To do the Stair Master more often. I’m really starting to enjoy that machine and the accomplished feeling you get after that.


That’s the goals for this month. 🙂 What are your goals?


Today for Elf4Health, we are challenged to “Eat the Rainbow”. I’m really excited for this! I normally eat only carbs and meat, so this will be different for me!

For the Good Life Holiday Challenge, we are challenged to write about one body part that we HATE. For me, it’s my thighs. I can’t stand them. They’re huge. But, the one thing I do love about them is their strength. My legs could move anything.


How do you “eat the rainbow”? What’s one body part that you hate? Can you say something about that body part that you love?



Week 2 of Challenges… and some thoughts!



Happy 2nd day of December everyone!

Today starts week two of my challenges (except for the 2014 Holiday Challenge… where it’s week 3). I’m really excited for what’s coming!

This week in the Good Life Holiday Challenge… we are focusing on our bodies. The whole point of the week is to make peace with our bodies and grow to love it, instead of always trying to change it. Today, our goal is to dance to two songs. I already do this every weekday (working with children, you get to dance a lot). This should be a very good challenge!

There are a lot of fun things going on in the Elf4Health Challenge! Today, we get to write a handwritten note to someone. I am writing out all my Christmas cards today to family. 🙂 Tomorrow, we get to eat the rainbow… and I’m not saying to eat Skittles all day! The challenge is to eat as many different colors throughout the day. On Wednesday, we have to go makeup free. This is easy for me, since I don’t wear makeup that much. On Thursday, we have to work out with a buddy… I take group exercise classes with all of my friends, so we always work out together anyway! On Friday, we have to leave an Operation Beautiful note somewhere. If you don’t know what Operation Beautiful is, click here. It’s a really great cause. Saturday’s challenge is to clean out our fridge or pantry… Mom and Dad do this for me every day (yay for living with our parents! On Sunday, we get to make a list of 20 things we are grateful for.

For week 3 of my 2014 Holiday Challenge, I am setting my goal at 40 miles. I’m really hoping I can do this!!!

Today, I’m re-starting my diet. There are no leftovers in the house. This means that  I can not be distracted by the excessive amount of food! I hope I can get to my goal weight soon.

I had to work most of my weekend. In case you didn’t know, I work at my local TJ Maxx. I get to meet a lot of people throughout the day, since I am a cashier. You get to deal with some really nice people, some not so nice people, and even some famous people! This past weekend, I met Caroline Manzo, from the Real Housewives of NJ. I also met former cast member, Dina Manzo, from the same show. I’m a huge fan of the show, especially since my cousin is on it. So meeting them was a really great experience. I was so excited to get to talk to them. They were the most down-to-earth people, and extremely sweet. This just shows that there are good people in the world.


Hope you have a great week! See you soon!

Some New And Fun Features Coming to Martial Arts and Hockey Girl!


Hi everyone!

I have some new and fun features coming to the blog:

1. Workouts! I will hopefully be posting 1 or 2 body part workouts a week. If you have any favorite workouts, email me at martialartsandhockeygirl@gmail.com

2. My Fav Workout Songs! I will be consistently posting my favorite workout songs. If you have any suggestions, email me at martialartsandhockeygirl@gmail.com

3. Q&A: I’m gonna need some reader participation with this one! If you have any questions for me, you can email me at martialartsandhockeygirl@gmail.com. I will have a Q&A Page set up with the questions and answers. 

4. Blog Roll. If you have a blog you would like me to check out, email me at martialartsandhockeygirl@gmail.com

Time to Clean Out



Last night, as I was talking to one of my friends, I realized I really needed to clean out some of the people in my life. I deleted numbers out of my phone, removed them as “friends” on Facebook, and really decided to clean out my life of all the toxic energy. I deleted over 300 friends on Facebook, and stopped friendships with people I thought I would be friends with forever. Did it hurt? Yeah. Will it benefit me in the future? Yeah. In the end, my future is what matters more. 

Have YOU ever cleaned out your friends list? If not, have you considered it?

Today, I’m FINALLY working the day shift at work… I haven’t done that in a while. I’m going to go out to dinner with my family tonight (which I also haven’t done in a while).

Here’s a summary of my challenges:

2014 Holiday Challenges: Raised up my goal to 40 miles this week.

Elf4Health: Today, the challenge is to do 100 burpees… I don’t know how I’m going to squeeze this in today, but we will see if it happens!


For workouts this week, I’m taking today and Friday off. Monday-Thursday and Saturday are my workout days this week.

I am in the process of trying to make up a workout page for you… I will keep you updated. It will have leg, arm, back, abs workouts… and much more! I’m really excited for this!

I have been slacking on tracking my food (it’s a holiday weekend!) but I’ll be back on track tomorrow! 

What are your goals for the week?

Running: Friend or Foe? (Continued)… and a catch up on my Challenges.





So a couple of weeks ago, I asked the question: Is running your friend or your foe?

My answer was that it was a BIG FOE. I hated running. So much that I wouldn’t even do it.

Has my answer changed? No, not really. Except now… I’m actually running. I can only do about a mile (15 minute mile). Cause I HATE IT.

And yesterday, I did the Stair Master (which is also a HUGE FOE). for 45 MINUTES. Yes, I said 45 minutes. And right now my butt hurts so much.

So today, I treated myself to my favorite class, Group Kick, and I slept in… Treating yourself was our challenge for today for the Elf4Health. So now I’m off to work for the rest of the day…. 😦

I have off from the Good Life Holiday Challenge for the weekend. Next week, we are focusing on our bodies.

I also finished my 35 mile goal for the 2014 Holiday Challenge. Next week, I’m aiming for 40 miles. I’ll do 6 Monday, 6 Tuesday, 12 Wednesday, 12 Thursday, 7 Saturday. Maybe some more too if I feel like it. 🙂

Hope you all have a nice day! Make sure you go support Small Businesses on this Small Business Saturday. 🙂

Black Friday and Day 4 of Challenges




Happy Black Friday!

I’m going shopping after the gym today… but I gotta work tonight (advantages of working in retail).

Thanksgiving yesterday was a success… I ate what I wanted, and how much I wanted. AND I only gained a pound and a half. YAY! AND… I just did one of my challenges. For the Good Life Challenge, we had to say something we were proud of doing yesterday. I was very proud that I didn’t let my “diet” brain get in the way. I’m just gonna get back on the stick today. 

Today for the Elf4Health Challenge, I have to track my water intake. UGH! I hate drinking water. Oh well, it’s gotta be done.

Happy Black Friday everyone!