Group Kick, Children’s Parties and Devils Hockey


Good morning everyone!


Today, I am prepping for 3 different events… 2 (kinda) major ones, and one that I do (almost) every Sunday.


Starting out at 9AM, I go to my BGF’s (Best Guy Friend) class at the gym. It’s called Group Kick. It’s part of the Body Training Systems (BTS) program. In case you don’t know what it is, BTS and Les Mills used to be one company. They used to produce all the “Group” classes and also all the Les Mills classes (BodyPump, etc.). Eventually, they went their separate ways and now Les Mills and BTS are two separate companies. So, I do the BTS classes. I’m certified in Group Groove (which I’ll talk about in another post). Anyways, this class is a lot of fun… and good training for my martial arts.


This afternoon, I have to go to a family friend’s daughter’s 2 year old birthday party. It’s at a pizza place, and last i heard, they’re having a magician (oh,, yay…) Today would be what is known as a “cheat day” for those who diet… but I believe in “everything in moderation” and “eating the food” (which I’ll also talk about in another post). So it’s not a “cheat day” for me. 😉


Tonight is also a very special event for me. My hockey team (yes, they’re mine), the Devils are playing against the Minnesota WIld, where one of my two favorite hockey players OF ALL TIME plays. See, if you don’t follow hockey this player, Zach Parise (who I love dearly…) was on the New Jersey Devils… but when he was a free agent, he chose to go to Minnesota to be near his family, mainly because he was getting married that same summer. And now he’s expecting twins (a boy and a girl). So, he wanted to be near his family in Minnesota, where he grew up, so his kids could have the same experience as he did. I haven’t watched him play since he left the team because of the lockout last year, so I’m looking forward to tuning in to see how he does. 


That’s my day today… I’ll be posting more later on today about BTS, and ETF.


See you soon!


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