How Exactly Useful are Personal Trainers?


Many people tend to use personal trainers. I was one of them at one point. I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t really sure of myself, and i was pretty heavy (well, for someone who’s 5’1”). My personal trainer not only helped me lose weight, but she helped me discover my true passion in life- fitness. I worked with her for over a year, and after that, I really stopped seeing results from her. She didn’t become a “bad” personal trainer— it was just her methods didn’t work for me anymore. Maybe it was because I lost most of the weight I needed, and felt I didn’t need a trainer anymore, or I was just sick of paying the $700 every couple of months , who knows. I tried a couple of other trainers, and none of them really had a great effect on me.


I really do think personal trainers are useful. You just have to be in the right mindset and be willing to pay the price. I have to say, right now in my life, using a personal trainer wouldn’t be useful. I don’t have the time, energy or money to put into it. I also am too into my workout routine to change it. I loved using a personal trainer when I had one, but right now in my life, I just really don’t think I need one.


What do you think? Are personal trainers useful for you?


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  1. I recently acquired a personal trainer myself. I truly believe they are WONDERFUL for acclimating you to the weight room and opening your eyes to different types of workouts. After a few months, I dropped down from meeting with him once a week to every other week. (Definitely expensive!) I felt I understood free weights and what to do for my body. I will continue to see mine on a semi-regular basis because he keeps me motivated, but I don’t need him anymore to help me around the weight room – I’ve gotten over my fear. 😉 I also think they are incredibly useful in competition prep. I consult mine regularly on all things related to bikini comps.

    Great post! xo

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