Sunday Funday!


Happy Sunday!

Today is a Sunday after a 4-day weekend for me… thanks NJ for Teacher’s Convention! I will be back to student teaching bright and early tomorrow morning. I hit the gym this morning for the first time all weekend (between working, and my aunt’s new baby being born… it’s been nuts!). I did Group Kick (as per usual on a Sunday morning).

This afternoon, I will be heading to a party for one of my very good friends who is moving to be with her new husband in Georgia… her husband’s in the military and is stationed down there. I’ve known this girl for almost 9 years, so it is extremely sad to see her go. However, I am extremely happy for her that she has found a great husband who loves and adores her. I am very excited to be hanging out with all my gym friends outside of the gym (this doesn’t happen very often while I’m in school…). 


Is today a rest day for you? Or are you working out? Luckily, I was able to take advantage of working out, but the rest of the day is a rest day!


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