Friday (Not-So) Fun


Well this week wasn’t great for me. I have not been feeling well, which means only 3 days at the gym for me. Yes, I said “only” in the last sentence. I usually go 5 days a week.

Well, I went to the doctor last night and it turns out I have a viral infection and it may lead to a bacterial infection if I’m not careful. I have a fever and I’m on a ton of medication. So, I didn’t go to school today, since I work with preschoolers and are always germy. I also am taking off of work. This also means no gym for me. Hopefully  I can go back by Sunday, if I’m feeling better.

This weekend, while I am home, I will be finishing my education portfolio and comprehensives. It’s due next week and, of course, I haven’t finished it yet.

What do you do when your sick and can’t go to the gym?


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