Eating the Food (and some frustration)


As I was embarking on my fitness journey, I struggled (and still do struggle) with one thing… food. 

I have always been a little heavier, which never really was a problem for me. However, once I hit college, I got even heavier. I would eat a lot, sneak food and not exercise. That brought me up to close to 200 pounds. I wasn’t happy with myself.  When I hired a personal trainer, I went from eating a lot to eating cereal 2-3 meals a day. I lost a lot of weight (obviously). When I went back to eating normally, I gained about 10 pounds back. It wasn’t really a problem for me, but for my family… it was. They weren’t happy that I gained weight back. I was continuing with my exercise regimen (which was probably more than I should’ve been doing but… whatever). I was staying at the same weight. I kept trying different diets and I would lose weight and then gain it right back.

It’s not until I FINALLY found Eating the Food (ETF for those of us in the group). There is also a blog, Go Kaleo, if you would like to follow it. It mostly describes how you should eat what makes YOUR body feel good, and not follow fad diets. I instantly gratified to this.  I have gained 5 more pounds since I started doing this, but I felt fine. But… my parents weren’t happy. They would constantly tell me I need to lose weight. It was understandable, because obesity and cancer run in my family. However, I was finally starting to feel good.

This is where the frustration came in. Why couldn’t my family see that I was finally happy with my body and feeling good about myself? I was still doing the exercise I have grown to love, and eating the food that I loved as well. I realized that something needed to change. My family’s attitude towards my new way of life surely wasn’t going to. So while I’m still Eating the Food, I’m using MyFitnessPal to track all of my food and water intake. Maybe, if I still ate what I wanted, but tracked it all, I would slowly start to go to the healthy weight my body wants me to be. Whether it’s gaining or losing, the tracking of the food will tell me what I need to be eating every day.

While I will definitely still be getting a lot of complaints from my parents and the rest of the family, because I’m not following a “Diet” per say, I feel that this will be successful for me. I’m eating what I want (in moderation), tracking my food, exercising, and living a healthy life… MY WAY. 

While it’s still going to be a hard, frustrating journey, I feel that this may work out for me.  I will be keeping track on here, my facebook page, my twitter, and my pinterest. Keep looking out!


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  2. Whether you have obesity and cancer running through your genes, family’s, esp. Parents can be so harsh. I tell mine, I’m old enough – ill do my own thing, and you can do yours. That shuts them up for a bit! And I love MFP!!!

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