Sweat Guru


To all my fitness friends across the country… Especially in the L.A., NYC and San Fransisco areas… Check out this website… Sweat Guru. Sweat Guru is another page from my girls over at Fit Approach… they run the Sweat Pink Ambassador program that I’m a part of. The difference is, Sweat Guru allows you to find different, fun classes in your area, especially if you live in LA, NYC or San Fransisco. They will be branching out eventually, but for now, they’re just sticking with that. There are SO MANY things you can do with Sweat Guru such as:

-Discover new classes

-Sign up for classes online

-Create community groups (running clubs, walking groups, etc.)

-Share classes with friends online!

-Favorite instructors, classes and studios at the touch of a button

-Entire fitness profile in ONE location! (membership, attendance, favorites)
Also, if you’re a fitness professional, you can track all of your clients, classes and other amazing things in one place!
The website just launched on October 30th… a little over 2 weeks ago! It’s an amazing website, I would go check it out!

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