Running… Friend or Foe?


I’ve hated running since I’ve learned to walk. I never ran the mile in high school. I just hate it. For me, running has always been a “foe”. However, I have “met” a lot of runners through my SPA groups, as well as friends who have ran marathons, half marathons and many other races. These people have always seemed to be extremely fit, or at least more fit than me. I started to wonder… Should running become a friend?

I will start to run on the treadmill today, and once spring comes along, I will run the track at my local high school. I also will be starting to enter different races, starting with 5K’s, and working my way up to (maybe) marathons. I would also like to try an Ironman. I’m hoping that running will soon become a friend, instead of a foe.

Is running a friend or foe to you?


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