Falling into a Rut… We Have All Been There!


Here’s my 2nd guest blogger! Her name’s Kara McDonald and she’s also a new addition to the Sweat Pink sisterhood. I really enjoyed what she wrote… If you like what she has to say, go over to my SPA Sisters page and check out her blog!

This fall I found myself in a bit of a rut and totally burn out. I had just finished running three half marathons in three weeks and was just feeling down. I had a couple of small injuries I was ignoring and hoping they would just magically disappear. They didn’t.  I found myself struggling with taking time of. My friends kept sending me articles upon articles on how taking some rest does your body wonders but I just felt I would lose my endurance and I would never be able to run again. I continued on my running schedule and my runs were awful! I mean beyond awful! I felt as if my body was attacking me from in the inside out. I didn’t know what to do!

            I decided to post on a couple of my running Facebook groups these issues and the main thing I was coming up with was you need to REST! I also discovered during this terrible running period that running was just not fun for me at that moment in time. I know here and there you will have bad runs and think “I will never do this again.” “I hate running, this is awful!” This was happening to me every run! I couldn’t get out of it. I tried finding new running schedules and running routes to liven things up but bottom line was I needed to take a break.

            I started to re-evaluate my training and where I wanted to be with my running and tried to think of a way to cross train. Before I had never cross trained I was strictly a runner, however cross training can really improve your speed and the way you feel all around during a run. I broke down and bought a stationary bike. I searched and searched until I found a reasonably priced one and is was also pink, I had to buy it! Once the bike came I took one week where I only ran once and biked most of the week. This ended up really helping me. The injuries that I had been struggling with started to feel better, and different muscles started to feel stronger. I was starting to feel like myself again.

            I took it easy for another week or so and then eased back into my half marathon training. It was still a bit of a struggle but I am focusing on my speed and how I feel and pulling back if I need to. Here are a couple of things I now recommend when you are feeling like this.


1. Listen to your body! If it is hurting take a break! It will only better your performance in the future. You will not get out of shape, you will be better.

2. Switch things up a bit. Cross train, go for a walk or bike instead of running.

3. Re-evaluate your goals. Look back on what you have accomplished and see where you would like to be in the future. See what you need to work on and set some goals for future races.

4. Lastly make sure you are always having fun with what you are doing to stay in shape. They are not always going to be great, but hopefully most of them are. If they aren’t change it up!




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