Accountability Time!


Who holds you accountable?

For a while, I had a personal trainer who kept me accountable with my eating and working out. However, after a while, I couldn’t afford it anymore. After that, I was holding myself accountable. I also had some friends who would ask me where I was if I wasn’t at the gym. However, for a while…I lost ALL motivation… I had nobody to hold me accountable. I would constantly make up excuses… and when I did go to the gym, it would just be to socialize with my friends.

I was gaining weight like crazy. I had no energy. And I wasn’t happy with the way I was looking, or feeling.  I knew I needed to get some accountability back. That’s when I started this blog. I also joined a few holiday fitness challenge groups and now I’m back to where I was. I look forward to telling all of you about my triumphs, my falls and everything about my life!

I did lose one of my accountability partners and best friends today. My best friend, one of my favorite kickboxing instructors and role models, is moving to Georgia today to be with her new husband, who’s stationed down there (he’s in the military). I thought I would lose all accountability and all motivation to go to the gym. But, I realized that I need to ROCK IT more now than ever before. When she comes back to visit, I want her to be surprised on how good I look. I don’t want her to be disappointed that I lost everything I’ve ever done. 

Everyone needs accountability. Whether it’s your blog, a best friend, or yourself who’s holding you accountable, it’s great!


Do you need an accountability partner? If you have one, who is it?


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