Week in Review: Workouts


So, starting tonight, I will be doing my Week in Review: Workouts. My week will run from Friday-Thursday for my Week in Review: Workouts. My Week in Review: Nutrition and Weight Loss will be posted every Saturday, and my week will run from Sunday-Saturday.

The past week in workouts have gotten progressively harder. I feel myself getting in better shape and able to work out so much better because of it. I usually am not a person who sweats a lot, but I feel that I’m sweating a lot more (and even smell sometimes… gross). I’m really excited that this is starting to happen for me.

Here was my week:

Friday- Sick day đŸ˜¦

Saturday- Sick day ;(

Sunday- Still not feeling well… but pushed myself to go to Group Kick… did a great workout!

Monday- Still not feeling well… but went to Group Kick yet again… another great and hard workout!

Tuesday- much needed rest day after two great workouts… and besides, I had school!

Wednesday- Group Kick yet again

Thursday- 1 mile run on treadmill, Group Groove and Group Ride.

Things I’m Proud of This Week:

1. That I was able to push myself while I was not 100% myself (I know it’s not really promoted to work out while sick, but I needed to work out or else I would’ve gone insane).

2. That I’m getting progressively better at Group Kick (which is my niche… it’s one of the few things I’m a natural at).

3. That I FINALLY got back to doing Group Ride. I couldn’t even look at a spin bike for MONTHS. I was so bored of it. But, I realized that I need to switch up my routine a bit, to get into even better shape, and lose all the weight I’ve put back on.

Things I Need To Improve on Next Week:

1. My running- I did 1 mile in about 16 minutes. Not good. I HATE HATE HATE running, but it’s one of those things I need to do to become a better athlete… yes I’m an athlete. I do martial arts. and I exercise. a lot. that counts as an athlete to me.

2. Keep going to Spin/Group Ride classes… I know myself. I will say “I went to one class… that’s good enough for a while.” But, it’s not. I need to keep going to class for diversity in my workouts… kinda like how I need to keep running for that same reason.

3. Add in my Group Power classes again… this is the weight training class at my gym. I really need to bring back weights. This class was another one of those classes I got so bored with, but I know weights is just as important, if not more important, than cardio. So this is coming back. This may mean waking up early on a Saturday so I can get the class in once a week for now.


Anyways, I feel myself really happy with the progression I’m going in… I hope my weight shows how much I feel I improved. But even if it didn’t, I will definitely not give up! Change doesn’t happen in a week!


How was your week in workouts?


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