Weekly Review: Nutrition and Weight Loss


So at the start of the week… I was 157. I started tracking my food (eating close to 1280 calories a day) and working out a lot. I progressively went down in weight to about 153 up until Thursday. Then, I got SO SICK of watching, and I splurged. I went back up to 155. Needless to say, I’m really frustrated. I feel that I let myself go because I didn’t feel like watching. I know I need to lose weight to be healthier… Cancer runs in both sides of my family, so I want to make sure I’m healthy so my risk of cancer is not as high. While there will always be a chance that I get cancer, I want to make sure I lower my risk as much as possible.

I ate pretty well, even though I didn’t do so well with my weight loss. I am only having 1 soda a day… yes ONLY. I used to drink a lot more soda, and I’ve been trying to cut down. I also have been trying to eat more fiber and protein. I still need to balance out my carbs and protein… I’m a carb girl… 

Things I need to improve on:

1. Tracking my calories… yes. I know I shouldn’t be tracking as strict as I am, but I have to for now.

2. increasing my protein intake.

Things I’m happy with:

1. Tracking my calories- yes this is here too. I am happy that I’m wanting to track my calories instead of just eating without knowing what I’m eating.


Onto next week!


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  1. With your activity level I’m wondering if you’re plateauing because you’re not eating enough? I remember you saying that you used to work with a trainer. Could you do a single session with someone to set up your MFP (or whatever app you use) with custom settings? They would also probably tell you to stop weighing yourself daily- that way lies madness:-)

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