Day 1 Elf 4 Health- Meatless Monday!



Happy first day of Elf 4 Health! My Round 1 Elf is named Karli… I’m really excited to get to know her!

Today, as you can probably see from the picture above, is Meatless Monday! This will really be a struggle for me because I’m a huge red meat eater. However, I’m going to get through it!

For breakfast, I just had a Trader Joe’s fiberful granola bar. Simple, delicious and good for you!

For lunch today, I’m doing my own version of The Lean Green Bean’s Burrito Salad. Mine has: shredded cheese, beans, olives, tortilla chips, lettuce, and ranch dressing! delish!

For dinner, I’ll probably have some pasta… nothing wrong with that!

I’ll also be starting my 2nd week of the 2013 Holiday Challenge today. I’ll be doing 60 minutes of cross training, and maybe throw in a mile run, which will equal 7 miles done today!

What are your plans for the day?


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