BMR and TDEE… UGH!… Oh, and also Day 2 of my Good Life Holiday Challenge!




As I was waiting for my day to be over at school today, I decided to calculate my BMR and TDEE. According to the website I used, as a 153 pound, 5’2” 22 year old female who’s “moderately active”, my BMR is 1,411 calories and my TDEE is 2,187 calories. That means, if I slept and sat around for a full 24 hours, I would burn 1,411 calories. When I do a normal day of exercise, and do either my student teaching or my retail job, I’m burning 2,187 calories. I’m not really sure how accurate this is. I eat well below my TDEE, and even below my BMR. If this was true, I would be losing weight every day. But… I’m not. I either stay the same or gain, if I don’t work out.

This is really frustrating for me, since you’re supposed to eat at your TDEE if you’re trying to maintain. I need to eat even below my BMR if I’m trying to LOSE. Maybe I’m doing this wrong… I have no idea. I am really afraid of even experimenting with these numbers because of gaining weight (and by gaining “weight”, I mean fat). This is really starting to frustrate me today…

ANYWAYS… today is day 2 of my Good Life Holiday Challenge. Today is “Eat until you’re full” day. This entire week is focusing on your body, and listening to it. Today, she was trying to get us to not over eat and to listen to when our body is satisfied. This is really hard for me, since I am watching my weight. I can’t constantly eat until I’m full, since that could be well over my calorie limit by the end of the day. I’ve been trying… but it’s not really working.


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  1. Your problem might actually be that you’re chronically under eating and therefore your body is in starvation mode. If you want to learn more, has a lot of great information. Good luck!!!

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