December Goals




I can’t believe it’s the 3rd day of December already! Where has the time gone?

Today, I will be sharing my December goals.

1. To get back on track with weight loss. I’ve been slacking off a lot lately. It’s not good at all.

2. To start looking for jobs. I am graduating on December 13th and I need to start working on getting a job with my degree.

3. To start working on my weight training and cardio fitness more. I really would like to get back on track with this. I want to get back to where I was a couple of summers ago.

4. To start running more.I really hate running. But I see how good of shape you can get into with running. So I’m going to do it.

5. To do the Stair Master more often. I’m really starting to enjoy that machine and the accomplished feeling you get after that.


That’s the goals for this month. 🙂 What are your goals?


Today for Elf4Health, we are challenged to “Eat the Rainbow”. I’m really excited for this! I normally eat only carbs and meat, so this will be different for me!

For the Good Life Holiday Challenge, we are challenged to write about one body part that we HATE. For me, it’s my thighs. I can’t stand them. They’re huge. But, the one thing I do love about them is their strength. My legs could move anything.


How do you “eat the rainbow”? What’s one body part that you hate? Can you say something about that body part that you love?




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  1. Those are great goals! If you stick with them you’ll be on a nice start heading into the new year. I haven’t written down my goals yet. There are so many floating around in my head. I have to sit down and prioritize them. Good luck with today’s #Elf4Health challenge. I started with the first colour of the rainbow – red – and had a tomato on a slice of toasted sprouted bread.

  2. I’m not a big fan of running either. Used to do it a LOT and then just stopped. I really didn’t enjoy it when I ran, but I did it. Wondering if I should try to get back into it again. No long runs (i ran half marathons and even did a full), just short 3-5k runs. maybe then I won’t hate it?? I used to love the old school stairmaster! Good luck with your goals!

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