*Please Note: I normally do not do all of these workouts in a week. However, there are some weeks that I do. However, it maybe happens 4-5 weeks out of the 52 weeks of the year. But, if we lived in a perfect world, and I didn’t have to work… This is what I would do.


SUNDAY: AM- Group Kick (60 Minutes) Group Power (60 minutes)

MONDAY: AM- Group Ride (60 Minutes) Group Groove (60 minutes) PM-Group Kick (60 Minutes)

TUESDAY: AM- Group Power (60 minutes) PM-Stair Master (45 minutes) Treadmill (30 minutes)

WEDNESDAY: AM- Group Kick (60 Minutes) PM: Group Kick (30 minutes) R30 (30 Minutes) Group Power (60 Minutes)

THURSDAY: AM- Group Kick (60 Minutes) PM: Group Groove (60 Minutes) Group Ride (60 Minutes) Stair Master (15 minutes)

FRIDAY: AM- Stair Master (45 minutes) PM: Group Kick (60 Minutes)

SATURDAY: AM- Group Power (60 Minutes) Group Kick (60 minutes) Treadmill (20 minutes)


This equals 1,095 minutes of exercise a week, which equals 18.25 hours a week. This is almost a FULL DAY of exercise! I would LOVE TO DO THIS!


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