Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

There are so many things I’m thankful for this year… my family, my health, my gym family, my college friends… the list goes on. I really don’t want to get too mushy on here today. 

I’m really liking my challenges today:

Elf4Health: Call someone and tell them you’re grateful to have them in your life. I’ve kinda done this through Facebook already, but I’ll do it again through text as well. There are so many people I’m grateful for that I don’t know who to choose!

Good Life Holiday Challenge: Just Eat! I really like this one. She told us today that we shouldn’t be saying whether or not there’s “good” or “bad” food. Well… this is right, not just today, but every day! What’s “good” for one person, may not be for someone else. So… eat what’s right for you!

For my 2014 Holiday Challenge, I’m at 18/35 miles for the week. I’ll hopefully get 6 more in tomorrow and 12 more in on Saturday.This will bring me 1 mile over my 35 miles for the week.

I won’t keep you too long reading this today, since I know you all will be celebrating (and eating) with your families! I hope you have a great holiday. Talk to you tomorrow!


Review of Day 3… and talking about Turkey Day



Ok… so Day 3 of both of my challenges are in the books. I tried a “new” workout, it’s really an “old new” workout for me… and DAMN! I’m SORE. I did 30 minutes of Group Kick, an R30 class (30 minute spin class) and Group Power. I haven’t done Group Power or R30 in MONTHS… sooo… it was really new for me. I’m so excited that I started doing these again… because I’m going to KEEP DOING IT!

Tomorrow is going to be a VERY interesting day food wise. It’s the day where we eat a lot, and (probably) not going to work out. Well… I’m not going to work out. I am really going to have to watch what I eat tomorrow.  I am hoping that I can maintain my weight. I have to keep thinking that I am able to take home leftovers, so I don’t have to eat a lot. I get a chance to eat it later on as well.


What’s on the menu at Martial Arts and Hockey Girl’s Thanksgiving party, you ask?






And probably a TON of other stuff as well. I’m really SUPER EXCITED about the mashed potatoes and the stuffing (yes, I’m a major carb girl).

I’m really excited as well because I get to spend some time with the newest addition to the family, my cousin Channing Hunter. I also get to spend some time with my cousin Christian, who’s 4. It’s gonna be a fun day.


What are your thanksgiving plans?

Day 3 Elf4Health (New Workout) and Day 3 Good Life Holiday Challenge (Eat Like a Queen)… Also, catching up on my 2014 Holiday Challenge




Today is day 3 for two of my challenges. For Elf4Health, the challenge is to try a new workout. I’ve been doing this challenge for a week. I’m in the process of changing up my routine a little bit. I have been kinda stuck in a kickboxing rut for the past few months, where I would do nothing but Kickboxing and the occasional Group Groove class. However, because I was in this rut, so was my fitness level. I wasn’t losing much weight, and I was not improving my overall fitness. I needed to get out of it. Therefore, I started adding in a little bit of running, Stairmaster, Group Ride classes, and tonight, I’ll be adding in Group Power. Granted, I’ve done all of these classes/workouts before (so it’s not really “new”). But it is a start of a “new” trend for me. I’ll still be doing my Group Kick classes and my Group Groove classes, but I’ll just be adding more on. 🙂

For Day 3 of the Good Life Challenge, it’s to eat like a queen. Here’s a quote from the email I got this morning:

“Imagine that you’re the most gorgeous, sexy, important and amazing woman in the world (because you are, right?) and you are just totally in love with yourself. Now, play with eating the way that woman would eat. Perhaps you would garnish your food, set the table, use nice plates, and slow down. Maybe you would choose to eat beautiful foods that are both nourishing and enjoyable, and focus your food choices and meals around pleasure. Play with this idea and see how you move about your day!”

Now, I don’t have really time to garnish my food, set the table, use nice plates OR slow down. But… I’m making food that is enjoyable to eat (at least for me). So I’m eating rice, beans, cheese and tortilla chips for lunch today. I had YoCrunch yogurt for breakfast. Maybe I’ll even enjoy some potato chips (or whatever’s in the teacher’s lounge at work). LOL.

I am planning on doing 2 hours at the gym tonight, and even maybe run a mile. So, that’ll put me up to 13 miles today, and 20 miles for the week for my 2014 holiday challenge. I’m hoping I get to my 35 mile goal for the week. 

What are you plans for your holiday challenges?

BMR and TDEE… UGH!… Oh, and also Day 2 of my Good Life Holiday Challenge!




As I was waiting for my day to be over at school today, I decided to calculate my BMR and TDEE. According to the website I used, as a 153 pound, 5’2” 22 year old female who’s “moderately active”, my BMR is 1,411 calories and my TDEE is 2,187 calories. That means, if I slept and sat around for a full 24 hours, I would burn 1,411 calories. When I do a normal day of exercise, and do either my student teaching or my retail job, I’m burning 2,187 calories. I’m not really sure how accurate this is. I eat well below my TDEE, and even below my BMR. If this was true, I would be losing weight every day. But… I’m not. I either stay the same or gain, if I don’t work out.

This is really frustrating for me, since you’re supposed to eat at your TDEE if you’re trying to maintain. I need to eat even below my BMR if I’m trying to LOSE. Maybe I’m doing this wrong… I have no idea. I am really afraid of even experimenting with these numbers because of gaining weight (and by gaining “weight”, I mean fat). This is really starting to frustrate me today…

ANYWAYS… today is day 2 of my Good Life Holiday Challenge. Today is “Eat until you’re full” day. This entire week is focusing on your body, and listening to it. Today, she was trying to get us to not over eat and to listen to when our body is satisfied. This is really hard for me, since I am watching my weight. I can’t constantly eat until I’m full, since that could be well over my calorie limit by the end of the day. I’ve been trying… but it’s not really working.

Elf4Health Day 2- Unsubscribe



Hi everyone! As you all know by now, I’m doing Elf4Health. While most of us see health as our eating habits or workouts, there’s so much more to our health. Today’s challenge describes that perfectly. We were asked to unsubscribe from email lists that we don’t normally read (like from stores and stuff). I used unsubscribe.me. I unsubscribed from over 200 email lists today! OMG! I am so much happier knowing that these won’t be coming to my email anymore.

Do you need to “unsubscribe”? Try it out with me. 🙂

Day 1 Elf 4 Health- Meatless Monday!



Happy first day of Elf 4 Health! My Round 1 Elf is named Karli… I’m really excited to get to know her!

Today, as you can probably see from the picture above, is Meatless Monday! This will really be a struggle for me because I’m a huge red meat eater. However, I’m going to get through it!

For breakfast, I just had a Trader Joe’s fiberful granola bar. Simple, delicious and good for you!

For lunch today, I’m doing my own version of The Lean Green Bean’s Burrito Salad. Mine has: shredded cheese, beans, olives, tortilla chips, lettuce, and ranch dressing! delish!

For dinner, I’ll probably have some pasta… nothing wrong with that!

I’ll also be starting my 2nd week of the 2013 Holiday Challenge today. I’ll be doing 60 minutes of cross training, and maybe throw in a mile run, which will equal 7 miles done today!

What are your plans for the day?